Membership Categories

Membership of the Club shall consist of the following categories of persons working in the union territory of Delhi for :

A- Permanent Members

B- Annual Members

C- Corporate Members

D- Casual Members

2 - A Permanent members:

The following persons are eligible to be considered for admission as Permanent members of the Club:

i) A working journalist (including persons in positions such as artist, librarian, photographer, calligrapher, index assistants etc.), hereafter referred to as ?journalist?, who is employed in a news agency, registered newspaper or magazine/periodical. OR A journalist employed by internet news and feature companies or electronic news media, including radio and television channels ? including a person in a position such as news TV cameraperson, producer, etc., who is engaged in the collection, analysis and dissemination of news or in the production of news and news-based programmes and current affairs programmes. OR A person who is basically not a journalist but Managing Committee considers him/her very useful for the club & its members. He/She may be a professional like advocate, chartered accountant, hotelier, catering specialist, doctor, architect or consultant/specialist of his field/profession.

ii) The application for Permanent membership shall contain, inter alia, the following information about the applicant: length of service in the profession, age, job description, membership period before application (in case of application for re-entry to the Club), and an undertaking to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the Club and not to bring the Club into disrepute;

iii) In keeping with the limited physical facilities available in the Club and consequent constraint for space, admission to the category of permanent membership shall be restricted to areasonable number to be decided by Governing Committee time to time.

iv). A permanent member, against whom disciplinary action is taken, shall ipso facto stand debarred from contesting elections. Nor shall he/she be entitled even to propose or second any other member of the Club as a candidate for elections for a period decided by Governing Committee.

v). Admission fees (presently Rs. 300/-) and annual subscription fees (presently Rs.1800/- or Rs. 200/- monthly) for permanent members shall be fixed by the managing committee from time to time.. New members shall pay subscription for the full year irrespective of their date of admission.

i) Annual members

A working journalist, freelancer or part time journalist, book writer, columnist whom Managing Committee does not consider for ordinary membership for any reason or any person working as a communication/public relations manager / representative of a functioning public relations company or recognised advertising agency, manager in the advertising/public relations department of recognised print, internet and electronic media if sponsored by the employer as well as self-employed advertising consultants, is eligible for admission to this category. OR A person who is working as a public relations manager/officer in a public sector company or in a company listed on any stock exchange in India or registered with a chamber of commerce and industry; or a person working in a nationalised bank or co-operative bank who is associated with the press in the discharge of his/her normal function, will be eligible to be an annual member of the Club

ii) Admission fees for annual membership shall be Rs.300 and annual subscription shall be Rs.2000 yearly or Rs. 200 monthly payable in advance. The managing committee may, from time to time, revise the fees in view of the requirements of the Club.

iii) A person granted annual membership shall continue as a member of club for a term of one year until and unless he/she is removed or resigns any time before the expiry of one year. However an annual member shall not participate in the organization and working of club but they shall be eligible to avail of the facilities provided by club on such payments as are fixed and prescribed by the club.

iv) The Managing Committee shall, on the basis of existing vacancies and the capacity of the Club to provide optimum services, determine the number of annual members to be admitted.


Corporate members:

i) This category of membership will be open to all reputed/well known public and private limited companies or Institutions.

ii) The admission fee for corporate members shall be Rs.20,000/-. A corporate member shall be entitled to nominate a maximum of two representatives and will have to pay an annual subscription fee of Rs. 3,000 for each representative, which will be payable for the full year in which such application is made. Corporate members will have the option of replacing or withdrawing their representatives by intimating the Club in writing. The managing committee may, from time to time, revise the fees in view of the requirements of the Club.

iii) A Corporate member shall not participate in the organization and working of club but they shall be eligible to avail of the facilities provided by club on such payments as are fixed and prescribed by the club.


Casual members:

Any journalist/media person visiting Delhi may enrol himself/herself as a casual member of the Club for a limited period, without paying subscription. Such member may enjoy the facilities of the Club as a member. This facility will be available only to such journalists as are members of other press Clubs in India or abroad that have similar reciprocal arrangements for members of DELHI PRESS CLUB, NEW DELHI .


i) The Managing Committee may, from time to time determine or vary the admission fees and subscriptions for membership and shall if necessary, freeze admission to any category.

ii) The Managing Committee shall determine, from time to time, the fee as well as the rules and conditions regarding entertainment of guests and other facilities open to members.

iii) Members are entitled to bring along with them their spouse, and children who are financially dependent on them, to the Club and enjoy all the facilities of the Club. The Club shall not charge them any guest fee.


Membership approval:

All new applications for membership shall be put up before Managing Committee for consideration. However Chairperson may immediately approve such application(s) provided such application(s) should be approved by Managing Committee later on in its next meeting.

2-H :   Members whose membership has been terminated as aforesaid shall be debarred from entry into the Club, and provided further that no existing member shall bring him to the Club as a guest, unless and until he/she clears all dues, including the penalty for default as imposed by Club rules.

2-K: Disciplinary action:

The Managing Committee, by passing a resolution, shall take appropriate disciplinary action against any member/s for bringing the Club into disrepute or for any act, including violence, misbehave which endangers the harmony of the Club. Such disciplinary action may, as the case warrants, consist of suspension for a specific period or expulsion for a specific period or debarring membership permanently.